The goals of this tool are twofold:

  1. To create an easy and inspiring way to track your impact and tell your story to your audience-- this is your work and you deserve all the credit (along with any partners and funders who you can “tag” on each project);

  2. To get us all collecting similar data and compiling it in one place so that we can finally start to see our collective impact at the Puget Sound regional scale.


Sound Impacts was created so that there would be one place where organizations from across the region could input their restoration and stewardship projects and see just how impactful and far reaching their work really is. There is a lot of great work being done around Puget Sound to both protect and restore the health of its diverse and beautiful natural systems. However, as that work is done it is rarely recorded and what is recorded is almost never consolidated so that people can see and quantify that restorative effort.

For the practitioner, this portal offers a simple way to process and analyze your impact. Visually compelling and functionally relevant metrics can be generated and used for reporting your efforts and their impact. Using analysis and visualization tools from Tableau, Sound Impacts will give you a way to see how widely your green fingerprints are distributed are and how deep your green footprints go.

Because managing stormwater pollution is a top priority for the Puget Sound region and urban areas across the globe, this portal focuses on stormwater metrics. However the importance of multiple benefits including social and health benefits, air quality and habitat benefits are all connected and metrics for these factors are built in or planned for near term inclusion as the portal gets updated. Stewardship Partners worked with Community Attributes Inc. with support from the Boeing Company to create this web-based tool to track metrics related to positive impacts for all entities involved in managing stormwater through restoration and green infrastructure methods.