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  permeable pavement

Permeable pavement is a type of hard surface ground cover that is porous, allowing rainwater to pass through into the ground beneath. This system mimics the process that would occur when rain falls onto natural surfaces, such as a forest floor. Permeable pavement can also trap suspended solids and pollutants, which allows for cleaner water to returned back to underground aquifers.

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permeable pavement Projects

Total Square Feet473,300
Earliest Project DateJan, 2004
Latest Project DateJun, 2019


Gallons of Runoff Managed

Annual estimate based on the simple calculation:
square footage x annual rainfall x gallons conversion

For more detailed impact calculations, please visit the dashboard page.

The calculations for Gallons of Runoff Managed were derived by long term monitoring and modeling by Herrera Environmental and provided by Seattle 2030 District

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