rain garden

A rain garden is a bowl-shaped garden designed to capture and filter stormwater runoff from roofs, driveways and other hard surfaces, keeping it from becoming harmful water pollution. Rain gardens are relatively simple to install and feature well-draining soil and easy-to-maintain plants that allow for stormwater infiltration. For simplicity we define “Rain gardens” as an inclusive catch-all for simple as well as engineered, small as well as large versions of this concept, including: Bioretention facilities, stormwater planters, Bioswales etc.

Truly House Rain Garden

Added By: OluwaJackson

rain garden

Project Date May, 2019
Site Type residentialSingleFamily
Size in Square Feet 79
Partners University of Washington Bothell | John VanLeer | Oluwa Jackson | Tyson Kemper | Stephan Classen | Jodie Galvan | Steven Jackson
Owners Cascadia College
Contributors Oluwa Jackson


Gallons of Runoff Managed

On average, this project will manage 11,827 gallons of runoff per year.

This number is based on the calculation:
square footage x annual rainfall x gallons conversion

For more detailed impact calculations, please visit the dashboard page.

The calculations for Gallons of Runoff Managed were derived by long term monitoring and modelling by Herrera Environmental and provided by Seattle 2030 District

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