Sound Impacts is an online portal for all of the region’s practitioners and implementers of Green Infrastructure as well as for anyone curious to see what efforts and investments are being made to protect and improve this region’s natural assets.

  rain garden

A rain garden is a bowl-shaped garden designed to capture and filter stormwater runoff from roofs, driveways and other hard surfaces, keeping it from becoming harmful water pollution. Rain gardens are relatively simple to install and feature well-draining soil and easy-to-maintain plants that allow for stormwater infiltration. For simplicity we define “Rain gardens” as an inclusive catch-all for simple as well as engineered, small as well as large versions of this concept, including: Bioretention facilities, stormwater planters, Bioswales etc.

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rain garden Projects

Total Square Feet2,737,911
Earliest Project DateJan, 2000
Latest Project DateMar, 2018


Gallons of Runoff Managed

Annual estimate based on the simple calculation:
square footage x annual rainfall x gallons conversion

For more detailed impact calculations, please visit the dashboard page.

  tree planting

Tree planting activities consist of planting native vegetation in both urban and rural settings. This is often done to restore fish and wildlife habitat and reduce erosion. Trees and other vegetation reduce stormwater runoff by providing a canopy layer that rain lands on and evaporates. The roots of trees also take up rainwater and help allow healthy soil to infiltrate.

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tree planting Projects

Total Square Feet381,935
Earliest Project DateApr, 1990
Latest Project DateDec, 2017


Total Trees Planted

Total number of trees planted

  invasive plant removal

Invasive plant species removal consists of removing vegetation that is non-native to the ecosystem in which it has been found. Invasive species often take over native systems and can cause damage to the environment and/or human health. In many situations, invasive species removal may be done as a first step before native plants and trees are planted.

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invasive plant removal Projects

Total Square Feet10,000
Project DateOct, 2017


Volunteer Hours

Total number of volunteer hours involved.

The calculations for Gallons of Runoff Managed were derived by long term monitoring and modeling by Herrera Environmental and provided by Seattle 2030 District

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